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I can only travel the path towards peace when discrimination and hatred is far from my heart.

Fear and distrust are rampant in times of conflict - whether personal, local, or national. I may feel no power to change the world. I become cynical. I watch and do nothing to counter the darkness that falls like the choking dust of a forest fire.

I do however have a voice, and by certain declaration, I can, slowly, make a difference. The how or why peace can be made is through the only qualities that can keep us from certain destruction: love and hope.

My Family

Love your family and peace will come.

Your family may be through blood, friendship, or choice. They may not have grown up under the same roof, spoken the same language, nor followed the same religion. You may not have seen your family for a long, long time, yet you cannot deny the bond that forces you to feel strongly in their presence.

At times we may fall out, we may break our ties, we may allow the hurt of family to obstruct our way to freedom.

Family is at the heart of peace and war.

My Friends

My friends advise me, they sometimes disagree with me, they respect my feelings, my thoughts, yet remain a healthy step away. In times of trouble they comfort me and I, them. I depend on their good counsel.

Friendship brings me context, perspective, and solidarity. A friend will walk with me no matter how difficult the times that unfold.

When I have no friends nor seek friends, I am an island. I distrust, I become suspicious of the motives of others. I live only to survive.

Be friends, make friends, and the clouds of misgiving will lift.

My Neighbour

We do not choose our neighbours. We may know them well, we may have hardly spoken if at all.

A neighbour is close, whether we like it or not. Unlike friends and family, a neighbour is outside of my emotional influence. Although I may have different views and beliefs, I must meet and talk with them. For both our interests I must move towards cooperation.

My Enemy

An enemy is someone or something that harms or weakens. An enemy is hostile, agressive, forcefull. My greatest enemy is doubt.

The enemies of peace are inequality, poverty, and prejudice - whether this relates to gender, political opinion, social class, age, disability, religion, sexuality, race and ethnicity, language, nationality or other personal characteristics.

Why Make Peace Today?

I created this website after I witnessed a surge of violence. I, like so many, feel the need to counter the hatred that seems at times to dominate the landscape. Make Peace Today is my modest contribution that gives voice to those who advocate tolerance and non-violence in the search of a better world.

Mike de Sousa

The Price of Conflict and War Over The Last Year


Serious Conflicts


Violent Deaths




Displaced People

We call for an immediate cessation to violence,
whether personal or collective

My 6-year-old son heard news of bombing a village with women and children. He saw as I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I hugged him and said, I know, me too. It is so very sad. As real as LOVE feels in me as my own truth, I wonder and imagine a world where humans find courage to choose love over fear and pain. As I look at my son, my human heart opens wide. I don't have the answers, except to commit myself to grow in contemplation and thought. I love those who believe in peace - with all my courageous, aching, imaginative, yearning and love-filled eager-to-evolve heart.
Becky Jaine

Violence is utlimately futile.
Beth Lister

We need future generations to live healthy, safe and happy lives
Wendy Barnicott

The tools of fear, the rush to arms, the lives of children, future past, make peace this day, with courage walk as one.
Mike de Sousa

today there is no excuse for this. for our children let the right way be found for ever more. on my right hand.. and upon my left... before me.. and behind me.. let the mother of our planet see what the right and true path for us to follow is... for it seems that we do not. upon my children's happiness, safety and security let it be the same for all on this wonderful planet.
Kristan Lopes

I am 91 years of age. There are many forms of violence. I think of those times I may have been hurtful, and still I try to lead a better life.
Mary Coombes

Peace requires far more courage than war.
Mona Greenfield

I'm an ordinary man. I work shifts in a factory. I don't think I have much influence on others, but if adding my name here stops a single act of violence it will be worth it.
Eduardo Gonzalez

Strike another and you will loose your way.
Dennis Schenker

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